Ever since the Android web Market was launched, one of my main gripes with its UI (let's not talk about content discovery here) was screenshot navigation. There were 2 basic problems - you could not click Next or Previous as those buttons did not exist, and the only way to close a screenshot close-up was by finding and clicking a tiny X button.

Most modern "lightbox"-style galleries already solved the aforementioned problems by adding easy navigation buttons and allowing you to click anywhere on the screen to dismiss the close-up. Today, Google quietly did just that, and then some.

Here are the 5 new features I just spotted that weren't there this morning:

  • the Next and Previous buttons finally allow easy navigation
  • clicking on the close-up of a screenshot is equivalent to pressing Next
  • left and right keyboard arrow keys are equivalent to Previous and Next (hooray!)
  • the X button is gone - you can now close any image close-up by clicking anywhere on the screen
  • in-line rotation buttons which let you turn those occasional sideways images the right way

Here, have a look:


Visit your favorite app in the Market and check it out for yourself. Thank you, Google, for fixing my top web Market UI gripe and making my Friday even more enjoyable (after taking me out to lunch at the Googleplex earlier in the day).