Remember the special edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 that was given to all Google I/O attendees this year? It looks like the celebrations of owning a limited edition device have come to a screeching halt, as some owners are experiencing a very specific hardware issue with the device - the front glass is starting to become detached. Earlier today Android Community posted about one particular incident, with hopes that it was a fluke - but in all actuality, it was just the tip of the iceberg. Ever since then, more and more reports have been surfacing  from users with the same issue. Have a look at a few of the images of defective devices, followed by an shot of how it should look:

up-540x299 upagain

You can clearly see the glass is raised in the corner.


This is how it should look.

Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung Support isn't going to be much help, either. Take a look at this email that one Tab 10.1 owner received after inquiring about the issue:

Dear Justin,

Thank you for your inquiry. You have reached Samsung Telecommunications America. This inquiry concerns a model that is not manufactured for use here in the United States.

Unfortunately, Samsung Telecommunications America is unable to provide information, technical support, or repair services for Galaxy tablet 10.1 since this device is not yet available in United States. We do not have the knowledge base or components to provide this service.

Because this inquiry is in relation to a model manufactured for use in another country, please click here and select the appropriate country of support. This will direct you to the main website for that country’s support and provide you with a Contact Us link, located at the bottom of the page. Questions will then be directed to the proper support center for your model phone.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your continued interest in Samsung.

Sincerely, Technical Support John

While it looks like the device that Artem got at I/O is still fine, this is becoming a quickly growing issue for other Tab 10.1 owners. Let's just hope that Sammy fixes this before the standard edition Tab 10.1 hits shelves.

This problem could very well be due to defective or incompletely-dried adhesive compound, which holds the glass display cover to the device. In its rush to prepare a batch of Tabs for I/O, it's possible Samsung may not have let the devices cure long enough - but that's just our speculation.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, hit us up in the tips box or drop a line in the comments.

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