Yesterday, we told you about the OpenGL video driver Chainfire3D. At the time, there was a common question: what can you really do with this? Some crafty XDA users have set out to prove exactly what you can do using CF3D, and here at AP, we all think it's nothing short of awesome.

In the past, we've highlighted several games specifically for Tegra devices, and we felt the backlash from users that wanted these games but lacked the proper hardware (read: no Tegra). Now, however, it is possible to play Tegra-specific games on non-Tegra devices, thanks to the CPU emulation and a few plugins in CF3D. Here's an example:

The first thing that you may think is, "how did he get these games on his N1? The Market doesn't allow for Tegra games to be installed on non-Tegra devices!" This is true, but a bit of manipulation, you can use the Tegra Zone to get the apps. Here's how it works (from XDA):

Use Chainfire 3D to add Nvidia plugin for Tegra Zone. Redo market & add nvidia plugin to each of the Tegra Zone games that's on your phone."

All within Chainfire 3D (make sure you install the drivers)

default openGL settings > Use plugins > Nvidia

Per-app OpenGL settings > Tegra Zone > USe plugin > Nvidia

Do the above for all Tegra games & make sure you Fix Market settings within CF3D.

Make no mistake, though - it's not faking Tegra. Here is a simple explanation from Chainfire:

Re: fix market; no, it does not fake Tegra. Chainfire3D is plugin based. OpenGL works with providing "feature identifiers". Fix market simply tells market which features Chainfire3D itself + the installed plugins provide. However, you will still have to configure whatever you download correctly, because not everything Chainfire3D tells Market your device has will be available for each plugin (that depends on the plugin code... and I didn't write those plugins, so I can't be certain what/who/where...)

It's worth noting that not all Tegra games will work and this has not been tested on every device, but if you want to see what you can accomplish, head over the Market and grab CF3D, then on to the XDA Thread for support and plugins.

Good luck!

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