Just so you're not worried that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet with its single proprietary 30-pin connector (according to Wikipedia, it's not the standard PDMI port) is going to be crippled in the HDMI, USB, storage, and keyboard department, the company unveiled a whole host of [rather expensive] accessories that should satisfy even the most needy ones among you.

Since over 5000 Google I/O attendees already received and inspected every inch of their 10.1s, you may have already seen a flood of complaints regarding the absence of any kind of standard connectors, be it USB, HDMI, or SD. Indeed, during our own first look at the Tab 10.1, I was a bit stumped, placing a lot of hope on the 30-pin connector as the potential provider of the desired functionality in the future.

Thankfully, the tablet was not released to the public yet, so we cut Samsung some slack and started eagerly expecting any signs of possible accessories. Samsung.de, the corporation's German arm, was the first to calm our fears with - count them - 10 peripherals, cases, and adaptors.

Note: Of course, we can't guarantee that all of these accessories will be available in the U.S. and other countries, but this is what has surfaced so far.


First up, we have 2 separate cases in 2 flavors each.

The first one costs €70 and provides superior protection and kickstand capabilities.


The second one costs only €30 but is essentially a leather sleeve/bag of some sort.


A €70 case sounds absolutely insane to me, and I'm truly hoping the price will come down quickly. Even if this translates to $70 here in the U.S., I don't see many of you rushing out to grab this custom piece of plastic on the first day.

As for the soft bag for €30, I just bought this Kensington reversible sleeve for my Tab 10.1 for $5 shipped, and it does the job perfectly. €30? Yeah, I don't think so.


Next up, we have a Bluetooth keyboard for €150, a keyboard dock with a sound amplifier (oh yeah, the Tab 10.1 needs that badly - the sound is awfully tinny) for €80, and a desktop docking station for €35.

image image image

While there are no pictures of the Bluetooth keyboard available, the keyboard dock looks like some weird old-school typewriter from the times when ZX Spectrum was the latest craze. Compared to the ASUS Transformer's keyboard dock that comes with a battery and costs almost the same, it looks like a joke.

Here's a closer look (this one is for the Tab 8.9, as seen in Russia):


I'm not sure just how useful the €35 docking station will be, but of all the keyboard/dock accessories above, it looks the most normal.


In the Adaptor category, we have a 30 pin <-> HDMI connector and a USB connection kit (which I think is the only accessory that actually ships with the Tab 10.1). Both cost €30, which is absolutely insane for a short cable with a few wires (did Samsung hire Monster Cable's sales department?)

image image


Finally, to finish things off, we have a Bluetooth headset for €50. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to be listening to music on my 10" tablet while running around, at least not enough to warrant a €50 pair of earbuds that will probably lose connection all the time.



According to the markers placed on the page, not everything will be available at launch, with some accessories showing up as late as July.

So there you have it - 10 accessories you can dress your beautiful and slim Galaxy Tab 10.1" with, one more expensive than the next.

Which one do you have your eyes on? I'm going to go with "none" myself, placing a bet on eBay and custom case manufacturers.

Source: Samsung.de via Engadget