Those of you who have gotten their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be pleased to know that you can now flash ClockworkMod Recovery on your tablet. This applies to the "regular" Galaxy Tab 10.1, the "Limited Edition" that was given out at Google I/O, and the 10.1v model (which is thicker and sold in different markets) as well.

Users can head over to Droid Basement to download and install the mod, which allows for a greater selection of behind-the-scenes options, such as the ability to back up and restore your entire system using nandroid as well as integrate with ROM Manager. 10.1v users will be required to unlock their device before flashing the image.


Update (5/22; the filename has not changed. please re-download and boot/flash):
-Fix nandroid backups to exclude media during data backup, and fix cache backup.


-build koush’s CWM from CyanogenMod’s repo
-Modified the format_volume to removed directories from /data instead of erasing. (solarnz)
-recovery: Handle /data/media when TARGET_HAS_SDCARD_ON_DATA
-Modified mkyaffs2image so that it won’t include /data/media (solarnz)

Installation instructions:
It is reccomended you try out the recovery before replacing your stock recovery.
fastboot boot recovery-cwm_3.1.0.1-sam-tab-10.1.img

If you are happy with it, then to replace your recovery:
fastboot flash recovery recovery-cwm_3.1.0.1-sam-tab-10.1.img

This will also work on the ‘v’ model.

Known Issues:
-UMS will not work, as of yet.

Source: XDA via Android Mixer