Remember the super-sweet anti-theft software Theft Aware that we first showed you back in November? The creators of said software have pinged us with some pretty rad info: the licensing has been tweaked so you can now transfer it to a new device!

Initially, the license was tethered to the handset for which it was originally purchased, so once you upgraded your phone, you had to buy a new license to go along with it. Now, though, they are offering a new, separate licensing model that allows you to transfer your license from your old device to the new one. There is a catch, however: the new license will set you back 50% (€ 14.98; about $21.35 USD) more than the previous one, though that is still a bit cheaper than having to re-purchase the app with each new device you get.

You can still purchase the previous license for the existing price of € 9.99 (about $14.24 USD) if you prefer. ITAgents easily distinguishes between the two types of licenses by name: bound and unbound. Bound is attached to a single device and can never be transferred, while Unbound is - you guessed it - transferable.

If you have already purchased the bound license but want the unbound license, fret not - you can snag an upgrade for € 3.99 (about $5.67 USD) at the Theft Aware website.

If you haven't tried Theft Aware, you can grab a free trial in the Android Market.

The app was not found in the store. :-(