I know, I know... it's only been a week since the last roundup, but when you just happen to stumble upon a gaggle of awesome animations all at one time, what else can you do? If you were thinking "post 'em up for everyone to enjoy," then you win! What do you win, you ask? Why, some sick new boot animations, of course! How sweet is that?

Don't know how to change your boot animation? Take a look at our primer on the matter.
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Helix Animations

I don't know about you, but I love the word helix. It's just fun to say. Not only is the word fun to say, but the super-spinning action of an actual helix is fun to watch, too, hence the reason that the first four of the animations this go around are based on the anomaly. Take a peep and hit the source for download:

2i1gta9 2pragpl 25pn1qx 34phn5d



I know what you're thinking - "what the hell is a tesseract?" Keeping with the spinning geometric shapes theme we already started with the Helix, a tesseract is a cubic prism, or the four-dimensional analog of a cube. Want more info on that? Have a looksee right here. While tesseract may be a pretty cool word, I think hypercube is much cooler, but you can call it whichever you like. I vote for hypercube though.

Yeah, we already showed you this one once before, but now it's back and it's multicolored. Thus proving the popular theory - what's cooler than a hypercube? A hypercube in user selectable colors, of course.

I'm only going to show you the video of the blue one, but you can get it in pink, green, red, grey, or orange once you hit the source link. It's available in a variety of FPS (frames per second), too, so you can choose which one works out best for your device.



As always, if you know of a sick boot animation that you would like to see in the roundup, hit us up on the tip line or drop a note in comments.