After spending some reviewing the Dell Venue last week, I have a renewed interest in the world of all things combining Dell and Android. But, let's face it, Dell hasn't exactly had a great track record with its Android hardware, particularly its first attempt at a tablet - the universally-disliked Streak 7.

The Streak name, then, does evoke a bit of a grimace for most folks familiar with Android hardware. The Streak 5 wasn't much of a winner, either - particularly because it shipped with the ancient Android 1.6, and had an OS update delay that could only be described in Samsung proportions.

But I really do want to like Dell's hardware. After all, the company has a lot of resources to pour into R&D, and has been making various computer-y stuff for over 20 years now (hard to believe, right?).

Anyway, enough with the past: Dell's got an Android future we need to discuss; namely, the upcoming Dell Streak Pro. The Streak Pro looks to be the chosen name for the device codenamed "Gallo" on a previously leaked Dell ARM roadmap, which, at the time, suggested an Q2-ish release date. The Dutch blog Tweakers seems to confirm that timing, suggesting a June debut for the device.

They also claim the it will be running an overlay (presumably widgets and minor alterations only - as Google policy on Honeycomb requires): Dell Stage 2.0. Now, I honestly liked the Stage UI on the Dell Venue - it just had a tendency to slow things down a bit, and wasn't always 100% stable. Hopefully Dell has worked out the kinks for the Streak Pro.

Additionally, the Streak Pro will be sporting a plethora of accessories, shown below:


Not pictured is apparently a "productivity dock" with a fold-out keyboard - a feature Dell seems to want to make synonymous with the "Pro" name (see the Dell Venue Pro). The little black box in the center is a charging multi-adapter. The leaked roadmap also indicated handwriting support for the Pro in the future - so we could see a stylus accessory, as well. The Streak Pro will also feature some enterprise goodies, namely: VPN support and Exchange ActiveSync. Huzzah.

The tablet will be running on a 1GHz Tegra 2 processor, feature 1GB of RAM, a 2MP front-facing camera (with dual-microphones for video conferencing), a 5MP rear camera, true dual-band Wi-Fi N, and will weigh in near as makes no difference to a Motorola XOOM (that's heavy - over 1.5lbs). It may also have AT&T LTE support, but this sounds unlikely, unless it will be an add-on ala Verizon XOOM-style, since as far as we know, AT&T's LTE network won't be coming online until Q3 2011 at the earliest.

Still, this thing has potential if it can differentiate itself with good build quality and awesome accessories - Dell could have a real competitor for ASUS's EEE Pad Transformer with the Streak Pro. This is all technically rumor, but it sounds pretty reasonable, so, take it with several large grains of salt.

Tweakers via Phandroid