One awesome T-Mobile leak isn't good enough for you? Well then, you'll be interested to hear that the folks at This is my next have a second (albeit related) leak for Magenta customers - a roadmap detailing their device releases from now until September of 2011, as well as some glimpses of what we can expect beyond that. Without further ado, let's introduce the devices:


  • HTC Sensation 4G, Samsung Exhibit 4G, and Samsung GT2: Admittedly, these won't come as much of a surprise, as their release has already been confirmed. June 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Suit: Originally announced as the Galaxy Mini, T-Mobile will be releasing their own version called the Galaxy Suit, though we don't know how it will differ from the original. It's got a small, approximately 3" 320 x 240 resolution display (hence the "Mini" name) so this is definitely intended as a budget phone. June 15


  • MyTouch 4G Slide: Long rumored as the HTC DoubleShot, the QWERTY-packing sequel to the MyTouch 4G will also feature a dual core processor, 3.7" WVGA screen and an 8 megapixel camera. July 6
  • HTC Marvel: A T-Mobile branded Wildfire S may not top the charts in specs, but as a mid-range Android device it can certainly hold its own with an 800 MHz processor and 3.2" display. July 15 


  • Huawei S7: If you've never heard of it, we wouldn't blame you - Huawei's S7 tablet, previously only available at Best Buy in a Wi-Fi only model, never made much of splash, due to its low-res display, weak processor, and resistive touchscreen. Unfortunately, for whatever reason T-Mobile has decided to pick this up and stick a new radio in there. This will be on the only Android device T-Mobile launches in the month of August, so hopefully they bump up the specs a little (is asking for Honeycomb too much?).


  • Samsung Hercules: If that August release date seemed too far away for you, prepared to be disappointed - T-Mobile's Galaxy S 2/Infuse 4G hybrid won't be available until September 26.

And Beyond

  • LG "Gelato" Optimus II: Considering the Optimus T is just a branded version of LG's Optimus One, it's a safe bet that the Optimus II will be another well-made, budget Android handset, though we don't have any other information at this point.
  • HTC G-Infinity: Despite a complete lack of specs or images, this stills manages to be one of the most exciting phones on this roadmap. As part of T-Mobile's G-series, we know that this phone would run stock Android, and the fact that it's made by HTC is a fanboy's dream. Not to speculate too much, but - flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone?

The roadmap also includes a few codenames with no information attached whatsoever, not even a release. There's no telling if any of these even run Android, but the possibility is certainly there:

  • HTC "Bresson"
  • Samsung "Dumont"
  • Huawei U2805

Source: This is my next