Droid-life just broke the news: the Revolution is coming, on May 26th, to be precise.

That's right - the LG Revolution, Verizon's third 4G LTE smartphone, is dropping next Thursday to a Verizon near you - packing a 4.3" WVGA display, a 1GHz MSM-series Snapdragon processor (same one you'll find in the Thunderbolt), and a 16GB SD card pre-installed.

The revolution has received a cosmetic touch-up for its debut next week, and now sports a sleek black battery cover and frame (it was brushed aluminum-look, previously), take a look:


We took a look at the Revolution (hands-on here) way back at CES in January, and I had some time to play with it at CTIA back in March. The Revolution will be the first phone to ship with Netflix on-board, and that's bound to be a selling point for less tech savvy consumers. In combination with Verizon's 4G LTE service, you'll be streaming bad television in no time.

The Revolution will come with Bing (ugh) as its standard search engine, though that can of course be changed. The phone is also equipped with LG's UI overlay, which looks suspiciously similar (if a little less cartoonish) to Samsung's TouchWiz overlay. Price remains a big question mark, but if LG can undercut HTC and Samsung (which I don't think would be that hard), they might have their first real winner of an Android handset. If you want to know more about the Revolution, check out this gigantic info-graphic, courtesy of our friends at Droid-life: