File this under "super awesome developer things" - today Samsung launched its brand-spanking-new developer portal for Android, along with an awesome new service: RTL (Remote Testing Lab).

Basically, it gives you, the developer, access to any of Samsung's line of Android devices for remote testing of applications and other such developer-y things via your web browser and the Java plugin. Basic members of the developer portal receive 10 "credits" of testing time per day - or 150 minutes. Premium members get up to 100 times that much, but that program remains "invite only" for the time being.

You can, presumably, buy additional credits - should you so desire. Samsung explained the basic features (and limitations), as follows:

  • Reservation of devices for your sole use during specified, extendable time slots.
  • Installation and running of applications on the devices. The installer accepts apk format.
  • Recording/Capturing the current screen.
  • There is no audio support.
  • No additional peripherals are available by default.
  • RTL is a remote solution. Therefore, user experience may be affected by variables such as distance to server,
    connection speed, network traffic, and local network policies (firewalls, etc.).
  • There is no guarantee that devices will always be accessible (there may be service breaks).
  • Occasionally we may need to remove a device from RTL for maintenance. In these instances the devise will be shown as Disconnected.


You can check out RTL here.

Thanks, wiineeth!