Update: You can grab the system dump from our mirror here.

In part two of our exciting series of HTC leaks today is the system dump (I'm really trying not to make poop jokes, here) of the HTC EVO 3D, Sprint's upcoming flagship smartphone. Again, the intrepid 911sniper blog has provided the goods. I wonder if these things just fall off the back of trucks. Internet trucks, that is.

The EVO 3D is coming this summer, and we spent a little time with it back at CTIA in March (check out our hands-on here), and were thoroughly impressed. The dual-core status, 3D camera and display, along with Sprint's 4G WiMAX make for a killer combo that's sure to live up to the success of the 3D's forefather, the EVO 4G.

Also, check out these awesome weather animations from Sense 3.0, which presumably you'll find in this system dump. Happy downloading.