The 1.5GHz 7" HTC EVO View 4G tablet doesn't even have a definitive release date on Sprint outside of "this summer," but that didn't stop the infamous 911sniper HTC ROM blog from releasing the full dump yesterday, full of EVO View's guts. After downloading and looking through it in hopes of delicious goodies (wallpapers, ringtones, etc), I was disappointed to see pretty much nothing new besides a bunch of 1200x1024px static wallpapers.

Curiously, these wallpapers are different from the Flyer (which is what this device is called outside of the U.S.) dump a few weeks back. Since they are meant for devices with a 1024x600 resolution, I can't guarantee they'll look correctly on every one out there, although I did manage to successfully load them up on my EVO using JustPictures.


You can download the wallpapers from our direct mirror, and if you are up for some exploration and don't have 4 hours to waste on the Chinese download link, I've just pushed out the full 540MB dump to our mirror here.

Source: 911 Sniper