The upcoming version of Sense 3.0, found on such devices as the HTC Sensation, Sensation 4G, EVO 3D, Flyer, and EVO View 4G, will offer polish of unprecedented quality to the custom software layer HTC puts on all of its non-Nexus devices. The new lockscreen widgets and quick controls, spinning homescreens, updated camera software, and snappiness are just some of the features Sense 3.0 brings to the table (some nice demos here).

And here's another one - the Sense Weather has gotten a complete makeover - if you thought the regular Sense Weather widgets were to die for, wait till you see what 3.0's got in store. Found in the Sensation and EVO View 4G dumps (the latter has a wider screen, so it's the one we used here), these 18 weather animations could probably win an Oscar... if they gave out Oscars for gorgeous bits of computer graphics found on mobile devices that is.

I've stitched all 18 together and threw them up on YouTube - feast your eyes on this perfection, and specifically 0m 18s, 2m 19s, and pretty much everything past 3m 54s.

I never thought I'd say this, but I think starting with Sense 3.0, I might consider not immediately replacing it with LauncherPro, although that will depend on its stability and memory usage. In the meantime, the wait for any Sense 3.0 devices here in the U.S. continues. Our fingers are crossed that the U.S. versions are not going to be as locked down as the European Sensation there.