Last week, TechCrunch posted a little announcement that got all 9 people who still used AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) very excited, as all their buddies had already left the dying empire and migrated to Google Talk, and AIM was starting to get kind of boring without them. AOL to the rescue - the company (or whatever is left of it) quietly announced that starting sometime this week, AIM and Google Talk users would be able to become BFFs again, all without switching away from their respective clients.

As of this morning, the integration of the 2 networks is a go.

AIM users can now add their Gtalk buddies by their Gmail email account - for example, [email protected]. On the other hand, Gtalk users can add AIMers by using something like [email protected]. In both cases, the other party would need to approve the request in order for the buddy list to display them as online.


Needless to say, I immediately added my Gmail self to my own AIM list, and voila - I was online and ready to talk to myself all day long. Which leads me to my next slide...


I'll be in my cave.

Via Reddit