What you see there is a tesseract. In case you're not quite sure what that is (I wasn't), the short definition is "the four-dimensional analogue of a cube." Or, to be more specific (for those of you as nerdy as I):

Four-dimensional hypercube; its vertices are (+/-1, +/-1, +/-1, +/-1). It is a polychoron formed from eight equal cube cells that are perpendicular to each other at their faces. It is the tetraspace analog to the square in planespace and the cube in realmspace. (source)

A commonly-used name for a four-dimensional hypercube. A tesseract has 16 corners, 32 edges, 24 squares, and 8 cubes. Each corner has 4 mutually perpendicular edges projecting from it. (In the diagram at right, the fourth dimensional edges are shown in red. (source)

So what the hell does that actually mean? This:


The animation can be loaded up just like any other (hit up our primer on how to change your boot animation, or use one of the many apps available on the Market). It was created by Rascarlo, and can be downloaded from him here.

[Source: Rascarlo via reddit]