The Android 3.1 update that's been rolling out to Motorola XOOMs all week (yes, including the Wi-Fi versions) contains quite a few improvements to the Android experience, such as better stability, resizable widgets, and an extended app switcher. However, one thing this update does not contain (and actively cleans up if you had it before) is root.

This article deals with a couple of advanced topics. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the terms, hit up our primers here:

Whether you want to regain root on your 3.1 XOOM or root the whole thing the very first time, publicanimal from xda has you covered with full instructions of unprecedented clarity and presentation. We've got the summary, assumptions and prerequisites, numbered and sub-numbered steps, a single download of all the needed files, and pretty much everything to end up with a successful root. Bravo, publicanimal, really - you should come work for us.

I won't quote the whole procedure - you should head to the xda post for that, but I will include the summary and prerequisites, so you can quickly gauge whether you're up for the task or not. Here they are:

WARNING: Following this procedure may damage or permamently destroy your device. This procedure is provided with NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Perform this procedure at your own risk.


  • Pushes Superuser, su, and other root files. Sets correct permissions to enable functioning root
  • Flashes bigrushdog modified stock 3.1 boot.img (kernel) to enable external storage
  • Prevents system from over-writing custom recovery


  • You've downloaded the (see the link in the post)
  • You've downloaded a recent ClockworkMod recovery image: ClockworkMod Recovery (make sure to download the .img, not the .zip)
  • You've installed a physical SDCard in your Xoom (required for ClockworkMod Recovery updates) and have it functioning properly
  • You've configured the Android SDK on your PC, with adb functioning properly
  • You've downloaded fastboot and have it functioning properly (usually alongside adb in platform-tools)

Source: xda