Word via DroidLife's tipsters is that an update for the HTC Thunderbolt is rolling out now. As this just started happening, details are a bit light at the moment, but Kellex surmises that this is the same update we heard about a few weeks ago, and we're inclined to agree.


Assuming this update is an improved version of the one we heard about a few weeks ago, it will be packin':


We're impatiently awaiting details from our guy Justin of TeamAndIRC - in case you haven't heard, he's pretty close to ground zero of the Thunderbolt modding gang, and he's had his hands on various iterations of this update for a few weeks now. Stay tuned!

Update: For those who don't want to wait for the update to hit their device, we've snagged the update.zip for manual installation.

Download the file here.

If your device is rooted, do NOT install this update, as it will break root. We'll let you know as soon as there is a pre-rooted version available.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Rename the file to "update.zip" (without quotes). If you're using Windows, make sure it doesn't rename to "update.zip.zip"
  2. Drop the renamed file onto the root of your SD Card. Disconnect your phone from your computer after the transfer is complete.
  3. Turn off your device.
  4. Reboot while holding Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously.
  5. Choose "Recovery." (If no menu shows up after choosing recovery, hold volume up, volume down, and power at the same time)
  6. Select "Update."
  7. The update will install and your phone will reboot.
  8. Enjoy!

Big ups to Justin from TeamAndIRC for the hookup!

[Source: Droid-Life]