Ahh, Google I/O, how we'll miss you for the next 365 days or so. The last 2 days have been filled with anticipation, knowledge, surprises, excitement, and fun - the perfect recipe for happy developers. As a developer myself, I've picked up heaps of new information, especially from the SDK Tools and ADT session by Tor Norbye and Xavier Ducrohet, and viewing the keynotes was simply a blast.

As you may have seen yesterday, day 1 keynote and sessions were already posted last night, and now the same fate reached the sessions and keynote from day 2. As before, you can view the whole list by visiting the YouTube page of GoogleDevelopers or simply watch the embeds on this page.

And here are some of the best Android talks.

Android Development Tools:

Android Market for Developers:

Designing and Implementing Android UIs for Phones and Tablets:

Building Android Apps for Google TV:

Mobile Web Development: From Zero to Hero:

And if you're curious about Chrome, here's the Fireside Chat with the Chrome Team:

Till next year!

Source: YouTube