We got a tip this morning for the official URL for Google Music, and we've been randomly checking it (read: mashing F5 constantly) since then. A few minutes ago, something amazing happened - it went live. Hit the link, request your invite, and patiently wait for it! GO!


Landing page


After clicking on "Request invitation"

Although this just went up, we can pull out a few obvious facts right off the bat:

  • Honeycomb and Gingerbread will be supported
  • At least based on what's shown in the images above, Music doesn't appear to be a store. As expected, it seems to be cloud storage/player.
  • "Music Beta is available free for a limited time."
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are both available for your reading pleasure, though we haven't had time to dig into them ourselves. We'll update if we find anything interesting. (Ninjaupdate: looks like the ToS are generic and not (yet?) customized for Music)
  • The "Learn more" page still 404s.
  • This is U.S. only at the moment!

[Google Music Beta. Thanks for the tip, John!]