I remember when the first Guitar Hero launched for the PS2 in early 2006, it was a ground-breaking concept. Since then, there have been far too many iterations of the game on virtually every device and platform conceivable. And now you can get your own personal copy of the latest Guitar Hero (Warriors of Rock) in the palm of your hand for the low price of $2.99 from the Amazon Appstore. The game costs $7.99 in the Amazon Market.

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If you have never played or heard of Guitar Hero, it is a "rhythm music video game" where you have to match notes of (usually) rock songs by hitting the colourful buttons that appear on your screen. This game is clearly more intuitive if you have a guitar shaped controller, but the similar Tap Tap Revenge has become quite popular and it is likely that Guitar Hero will follow suit.

We would like to point out that as of now there is only one review of the app in the Amazon Appstore, with the reviewer giving the app only 1 star. However, the Android Market has 175 reviews and while some are very low (1 star) on average, the game is rated at 3.5 stars.

This is a great deal for a highly addictive video game, so hurry up and purchase it before the sale ends.

Source: Amazon Appstore