The newest version of Sense UI has been somewhat of a hot topic among HTC owners, as HTC itself said that certain aspects of it has been reserved for newer devices only. Naturally, the dev community over at XDA was not about to stand for that, and shortly after the Sensation ROM leak, got to work on spreading the Sense 3.0 love.

Fast-forward to today and what do we have? Sense 3.0 working perfectly on the Desire HD/Inspire 4G and the Desire Z/G2. These ROMs seem to be mashups of a variety of leaked firmware for other devices, but rest assured that they are both Gingerbread, so you won't be downgrading your OS just to upgrade the skin.

fusion1 fusion2 fusion3

As always, there may be some bugs left in these ROMs, so if you experience any issues or have any questions, head over the source thread for your particular phone at XDA.

Desire HD/Inspire 4g Download

Desire Z/T-Mobile G2 Download