On Friday we told you about the arrival of Pinball HD for Tegra devices, but if that just wasn't your cup of tea where pinball is concerned, then you'll be happy to know that ZEN Pinball THD will become part of the Tegra Zone family soon. ZEN Pinball is a port from the popular Playstation 3 game of the same title, and this will be its first venture into the mobile world.

ZEN features all the dynamic gameplay that you've come to expect out of games designed for Tegra devices, with super-realistic environments and real-world pinball physics. The tables are graphically rich and full of textural depth that is sure to please everyone from casual gamers to the most hardcore pinball enthusiasts.

It also offers a slew of in-game missions, as well as online head-to-head matches so you can test yourself to see how you stack up against other players. Once you think you have what it takes, go ahead an enter the worldwide tournaments to see how you rank amongst the champs.

Sorcerers_Lair_TEGRA_003 Sorcerers_Lair_TEGRA_006 Sorcerers_Lair_TEGRA_015

If you happen to be one of the lucky peeps attending Google I/O, then you can swing by the ZEN Developers Sandbox and catch a glimpse of the game in action. The table used in the demo will be Sorcerer's Lair, which takes you through an insane journey deep within a magic citadel. You play the part of a brother-sister combo that has been trapped by an evil sorcerer. You must work your way past tricks, traps, and all sorts of other evil in order to find the secrets to outsmart the sorcerer and return the citadel back into its former glory and escape forever.

That sounds intense, right? That's just one of the many tables included in the game!

There's no word on exactly when this will be hitting the market, but I imagine that it should be fairly soon.