Everyone's favorite search-by-picture app, Google Goggles, received an update today that brings a few new features to the table, like better history search with notes support, better business card recognition, and adds the ability to suggest a better result.

Now, when you snap a picture with Goggles, you can add a tag to the photo that becomes searchable within your personal history. For example, if I snap a pic of something and add the tag "this was great!", I can later search my history for the word "great" and get a quick display of both note and photo. Pretty rad, yes? One cool thing about this is that the notes are specific to the user, so if you share a photo via Goggles, then you don't have to worry about your note getting shared, too. If you want to share the note, however, you can just throw that on as a message along side the photo.

1.4notes01 1.4notes02

Photo recognition technology is still far from perfect, so in this release Google has added a suggestion feature that allows you to submit a potentially better result. All you need to do is tap "Can you suggest a better result?", select the image, and submit a tag. It really doesn't get much easier than that.

1.4suggest02 1.4suggest05

Lastly, Google improved something that business users are going to love: business card recognition. Not only does this improve the recognition of the text itself, but it also pulls the info out to make is super easy to add that person as a contact.

bizcard-disamb-pg-v2 biz card3

The update should be live in the Android Market right now, so go ahead and grab it.

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Google Goggles
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