It's been a while since the last ADW Launcher EX update, but it may just have been worth the wait. The author of ADW EX has implemented some major changes and fixes for version 1.3.0. Check out the change log below:

ADWLauncher EX v1.3.0


  • Completely redone the app drawers code from scratch to improve memory usage and scrolling performance, even with transparencies, live wallpapers, etc
  • Scroll snapping on the vertical drawer/4d drawer “a la launcher 2″. (option enabled by default)
  • True” home screen looping (enabled by default) ported from ADW2.
  • New theme management screen with added functionality (and more will come)
    • Dock and dockbar background customization moved into the new theme management screen.
    • Users now can select a different theme for icons/dock/dockbar/all the rest.
  • Removed the persistence option due to being removed from android 2.3 (and it was really hacky btw).
  • New transitions from popular demand: cube, cube inverse and wheel.
  • New “desktop zoom” option when opening the app drawers (enabled by default)
  • Drawer swiping in the opposite direction of the scroll to change app groups (disabled by default, and I’ll add more visual feedback on next update).
  • Experimental Honeycomb compatibility with enabled hardware acceleration.
  • Better large and xlarge screens compatibility (wether on android 1.6, 2.x or 3.0)
  • New quickactions implementation for desktop long pressing items with new actions. (ported fromADW2)
  • New implementation for the counter bubbles with improved appearance.
  • New error reporting system to send (if you want to) direct crash feedback and spam to me :)
  • Lots of minor fixes here and there from user reports.
  • Other things I might have forgotten :P

The app drawer improvements really shine through - drawer scrolling is way smoother, and going between the home screen and the app drawer (and vice versa) is also a lot quicker. Another major addition is the ADW Theme Preferences menu, which allows you to apply themes in piecemeal fashion - you can have independent themes for your icons, main dock, and hidden dockbar. An Android Market search will reveal over 700 ADW themes (many of them free) that you can choose from.

The update also includes new home screen transitions that are pretty nifty, and a whole boatload of bug fixes. Additionally, ADW2 is still being worked on says the developer, so don't worry - it seems ADW is here to stay.

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ADWLauncher 1 EX
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