Things are just not looking good for the magenta T.

T-Mobile's latest earnings report for the first quarter of 2011 paints a sad picture of the mobile telecommunications company's current state in the marketplace. It managed to remain relatively neutral in terms of added revenue for the first quarter time period, though that has been heavily offset by a massive loss in its subscriber base - to the tune of 100,000 customers.

And remember this - the numbers came from the time period before the announcement of T-Mobile's impending acquisition by the Death Star, also known as AT&T. The fallout from the merger news is expected to hit once the Q2 numbers are in, and one can only assume an even bigger defection of customers will take place to avoid assimilation into AT&T. As T-Mobile continues to struggle, the deal is looking more acceptable and less harmful to the competitive market.

The upside? The prepaid base continues to see some growth, and the company isn't going down without a fight in spite of the proposed merger. T-Mobile USA says,

Our deal with AT&T announced a few weeks ago will not change the focus of our US business. Until the closing of the deal, T-Mobile will continue to challenge its competitors and compete aggressively in the US market.

The company continues to take shots at its competitors in sales commercials.

T-Mobile occupies a special place in our Android hearts as it was the first adopter of Android phones, starting with the T-Mobile G1, also known as the HTC Dream. Google's subsequent development phones under the Nexus brand have seen their entrances into the market under the T-Mobile umbrella, and we'd like to continue seeing what T-Mobile has up its sleeve in the future.

Source: All Things Digital