On Monday, we teased you guys with an early look at Gingerbread running on the G2x from This Is My Next. There was some definitely some disappointment in the air when you realized that a download wasn't available at that time, but that all changes now.

This is for rooted devices only.

The leaked version, which also appears to be the final version, of Gingerbread for the G2x is now available for those running rooted devices. This is a completely stock build (aside from the fact that it has been pre-rooted), so you will get exactly what you saw in the previously posted video. Didn't see the video? Here it is again:

You can grab the download now from MoDaCo, but it's worth noting that, even though it's basically the same phone, this will not work on the Optimus 2X.

Source: MoDoCo via Android Central