We've all heard the rumors surrounding the shortage of Eee Pad Transformers, but now an ASUS spokesperson has come forward to let us all know the real deal: demand. One would assume that a company like ASUS would be able to predict that putting out the most economical device in its category would generate a lot of demand, but apparently it doesn't work that way.

ASUS spokesperson David Chang said that they would be dropping 100,000 Transformers in May, with an additional 200,000 to be shipped in June. If that still doesn't meet demand, Chang said that they would "have to continue to ramp up production in order to fulfill our customers' demand."

Sounds like good news for everyone that has been patiently waiting to get their hands on this tablet-netbook-hybrid... as long as you can stand to wait just a bit longer.

Source: Netbook News via Engadget