It's shaping up to be quite a day for AT&T users, isn't it? First the Infuse 4G announcement, and now even bigger news: it appears that the aforementioned device also allows apps to be sideloaded! As you may remember, AT&T has blocked sideloading since its first Android device - the Motorola Backflip. Sure, there have been ways around that restriction, but it's a simple service that all Android users should be allowed to enjoy.

According Phillip Berne, the Infuse 4G that he has in hand does indeed allow apps to be sideloaded. This is really great news for AT&T users across the board, as maybe the tides have finally turned and all users will be able to enjoy the little things in life - like the Amazon Appstore and its free premium app of the day.


Let's all just hope that this will remain true when the Infuse hits the masses on May 15th. Perhaps AT&T has finally seen the error of its ways.

Thanks @Det_Conan_Kudo [1] [2]!