A couple of weeks ago we highlighted three upcoming games for Tegra devices, and the first of the trio - Pinball HD - will officially land today. Pinball HD is an iOS port from game developers Gameprom, and brings a new school twist to an old school game.

This game is graphically rich and beautiful, full of amazing textures and environments. The gameplay is incredible, as it offers varying dynamics according to device angle and orientation. For example, when in landscape mode, you get a full view of the table, but a quick shift to portrait mode will give you a fly-over view so you can see all of the action from directly above. Also while in landscape mode, you can tilt the device in order to change the viewing angle. This all happens in real-time, with extreme, lifelike precision.

One of the best features of Pinball HD is the game mechanics. It feels as if you're playing on an actual pinball machine, but the 3D rendering allows for a graphically superior experience to that of a traditional machine. The geometric complexity as a whole has been increased as well, further adding to the realistic experience.

This game really shows off the power of the Tegra 2 with its graphical depth. I highly recommend picking it up as soon as it drops, you won't regret it.

Update: It just went live in the Market. It's going to set you back $2.99, but it's oh-so worth it.