The HTC-made T-Mobile myTouch 4G was originally priced at $149.99 for new users signing up for a contract and $450 off-contract. Then in early November 2010, the price dropped to $79.99. Today until 5/5/11 (i.e. tomorrow), the mid-range Android device is completely free on T-Mobile with a 2-year contract after a $250 "instant discount" and $199.99 "web-only discount".

t-mobile mytouch 4g - free

Strangely, the refurbished models are still priced at $49.99. Someone at T-Mobile must have neglected to change their prices!

For comparison, the same phone is available from Amazon Wireless for $80 and Wirefly for $120.

The device is a real bargain considering it comes with 4G (if you consider HSUPA+ 4G) connectivity, a front-facing camera, a 5MP rear camera, 720P video capture, a 1 GHz processor, and built-in Swype keyboard. The offer appears to be web-only, so head over to the T-Mobile website to grab yourself a plum, white, black or red coloured Android smartphone.

Source: T-Mobile