A little over two weeks have passed since Sprint first announced the eco-friendly Samsung Replenish, which is due out just two days from now. Keeping up with its current record of timely source code releases, Samsung has made the source for the Replenish available on the Open Source Developers Center.

If you remember, the Replenish was certainly nothing to boast about where hardware is concerned, with its tiny 2.8 inch screen, sub-par 2MP camera, and modest 600Mhz processor. Still, this phone definitely has its target audience, as this eco-friendly handset is made from 34.6% recycled plastic.

Regardless of how good the device actually is, it's always nice to see manufactures do what's right - especially when it's one that has had such a bad release/update record in the past.

You can grab the source code from here or by going to the Open Source Developers Center and searching for "SPH-M580_OpenSource.tar.gz" (minus quotes).