Update: I know that most of you have not yet received the update, and now we know why. According to its Twitter page, Motorola has said that it would be "rolling out in phases", so hopefully you'll start to see some update action soon.


Well, what do you know? It looks like one update wasn't enough for AT&T today - there are now two OTA updates available for the Motorola Atrix 4G, the second of which brings some long-awaited features.

The first one brings the software version up to 4.1.57 and adds Bluetooth enhancements, improved performance for the fingerprint reader, car dock, 3.5mm jack, and improved battery life.

Just like the phantom update that we told you about last week, the second update will bring the system up to 4.1.83 and includes the features that everyone has been waiting on - Android 2.2.2 and HSUPA. Also included in this update is 2G/Edge hotspot capability... but who is going to use that?

Anywho, you should be able to pull this update now in the Settings > About Phone >  System Updates menu. Be aware, though - it won't pull if you're not on WiFi. Gotta save that bandwidth!

Source: AT&T, Twitter