It's no secret that the acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T is largely unpopular in the Android community. T-Mobile was the first carrier to offer an Android phone and has been very supportive of the development community as of late. It would be a real shame to let an Android-friendly carrier fall under the control of a company that has the absolute worst track record in regards to Android devices, and mobile service in general.

Well, why don't you get off your duff (not actually, you can stay seated) and do something about it? The FCC is considering the matter currently, and has just opened up to the public, asking for opinions. You can go to their online comment submission form and tell them why you think this buyout would be detrimental to the mobile industry.

Here's a couple ideas to get the complaints flowing:

  • A lack of competition resulting from fewer, larger carriers may result in less innovation and increased prices.
  • Both carriers' 4G HSPA+ bands are incompatible, risking loss of coverage for T-Mobile handsets once AT&T LTE starts rolling out
  • Only one major carrier will be buying GSM handsets, meaning they will have the lion's share of control over the GSM devices that make it to the U.S. market

Here is a link to the Electronic Comment Filing System for the FCC. The AT&T docket is #11-65. As of writing this article, 57 comments have been filed. Let's get that number up and see if we can't just make a difference.

NOTE: Obviously, this is for residents of the U.S. only.

via r/Android