Good news, everyone! The Acer Iconia has been rooted and the process is so ridiculously simple that it's almost offensive. Seriously. Here is the entire step-by-step process to gaining full root on the Acer Iconia:


The link in that post goes to the XDA thread for a modified GingerBreak, an application for rooting devices in one click; no computer necessary. You simply download the modified APK, install it on your Iconia, run it, and become rooted.

I must say, I'm impressed at how simple and fast that was for a device that just came out, let alone the fact that it's got an operating system only a small handful of devices are running. XDA user monki-magic is owed a whole lot of thanks for doing this and somebody should probably buy him a pizza. It's crazy and amazing how powerful this community is and how insanely fast we find ways to bend and break our devices any way we want.

So there you have it: The single step Iconia rooting process. I fully expect to see some cool stuff come from this. Go nuts, Acer users.

Source: XDA-Developers, and big thanks to Jim for the tip!