While Verizon has temporarily pushed back the release date of the DROID Charge after a 24-hour 4G LTE network outage yesterday, I did manage to get my hands on a review unit this afternoon.

The first thing I noticed was how sleek and futuristic this phone looks - it is just plain cool, in a way that no HTC or Motorola device even comes close to. The boot animation is probably the best on any DROID to date. It's shaped like it was designed to thwart radar detection - and it's pretty light to boot, a perception that is reinforced by the Charge's faux-carbon fiber battery cover.

But using the DROID Charge is a lot like stepping into a Ferrari, starting it up, and putting the petal to the metal - only to find someone's stuck the engine from a Corolla (TouchWiz) in it: disappointing. I'll leave the rest for the hands-on video.