The latest update to Flash 10.2 for Android (version number hit the Market earlier today and introduced several enhancements, most notably hardware acceleration for 720p videos (mentioned here earlier), albeit only on Honeycomb tablets.

Browser integration in Honeycomb has also been improved, and "important bug fixes and security enhancements," including a fix to the "critical" vulnerability discovered a few weeks ago, have been made across the board - not just in Honeycomb.

The only problem - both of the Honeycomb enhancements above require a yet-to-be-released system update, which could potentially bear version number 3.1, at least according to the app's initial changelog. The mention of "upcoming release of Android 3.1" was quickly changed over to just "upcoming release of Android 3," and it is not clear whether Adobe made a careless mistake with the version number (unlikely) or let the word of 3.1 out early by accident (more likely).

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Source: Adobe