NielsenWire has released yet another one of their bar and pie chart-filled smartphone surveys for the US this morning, and it's just more good news for Android. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the key stats Nielsen compiled:

  • Android now represents 37% of all US smartphones
  • 50% of smartphones sold in the month of March were Android phones
  • 31% of consumers said their next purchase will be an Android phone, compared to 26% one year ago. Android now leads iOS here as well (iOS accounts for 30%, down from 33%)
  • 20% of consumers don't know which OS their next smartphone will run

Another interesting tidbit the survey revealed is that Blackberry has finally dropped to third place in all three of the comparisons Nielsen publishes (future purchases, March purchases, total market share). While many Crackberry users remain devout disciples of RIM in the professional sector, it seems that the Android and iOS invasion of that market must have started to make headway, as the Blackberry's precipitous fall from power continues (they now make up only 22% of the total smartphone market). Now, it's time for some charts:

smartphone-marketshare smartphone-recent

As you can see in these figures, the color green is doing quite well.

To see the full results of Nielsen's survey, check it out here.