It looks like Facebook is continuing the juggling act with their Android app, as they have fixed a few bugs and added a few new features with the latest update. Here, I've got the short list for you:

New in v1.5.3:
* Added the ability to tag friends in status updates
* Added Find Friends feature
* Added the ability to add your phone number to your profile
* Various bug fixes

Not listed: the force close feature that kicks in all the damn time.


I have no idea who Bella is, but she's entirely too nice.

It's amazing how far back the negative comments go; the app was updated three days ago, but get this: the first eighty-seven pages of user reviews are from today as of this writing (it's only 7:15 AM EST on April 22), and every page essentially mirrors the above screenshot. I'd imagine there are well over 100 pages of the same nature from April 21, as well.

On the one hand, we can understand why this might be a little tricky for Facebook - after all, Android is notoriously hard to code for thanks to the wide diversity of hardware, UIs, and OS versions. Still, we've never seen anything this bad before. Ever. And to have it come from an enormous company like Facebook is, frankly, ridiculous.

[Source: Android Market. Thanks for the tip, Adam E.!]