What an incredible day for Samsung Fascinate users on Verizon Wireless - earlier this morning, we reported that the coveted Froyo update was finally set to arrive tomorrow, April 21st. Looks like someone at Verizon pulled the trigger a little earlier, as we are seeing multiple reports of the update rolling out as we speak write.

Want some proof? Have a look at the screenshot (that can easily take the top prize in the ugliest Android screen ever contest) our own Justin Case just pulled from his Fascinate:


So, grab your Fascinates and start mashing the Check for Updates button to see if your update is already waiting for you.

Update #1: Fascinate software update page at VZW

Update #2: Looks like Verizon's servers only respond to devices that access them using the VZW network or use additional authentication. Therefore, the direct link to the update will not be possible, but we'll try to put up a mirror with some instructions as soon as we have either.

wm_fx9Cc wm_mICvo wm_XV7M4

Update #3: Here it is - ED01 on our Crate mirror (97.95MB) - make sure it is named update.zip. Instructions coming up shortly.

Update #4: Manual update instructions:

  1. Since this is a patch file and not a full update, it will only work if you update from stock 2.1 (I am not 100% sure but I think it's EA28).
  2. Download the file from the mirror above and make sure it's named update.zip. Make sure it's not update.zip.zip (in case your Windows is set to hide file extensions).
  3. Copy it to your Fascinate's SD card using any method you fancy.
  4. Reboot the phone and hold VolUp+VolDn+Power while booting it back up.
  5. You should see the Samsung logo. You can now let go.
  6. At this point, you should be in recovery. Use volume buttons to navigate and Home to select.
  7. Scroll down to Apply sdcard:update.zip and select it.
  8. Watch the magic happen.
  9. Congratulations, you should now have Froyo on your Fascinate.