There have been rumors for sometime now that chipset manufacturer Intel has been looking to get into the Android tablet market, and it turns out those rumors are indeed true. Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini stated that they have received the Honeycomb source code from Google and are actively working on porting it now, with hopes of making several Honeycomb-based tablets available this year.

The current lineup of top-notch Android tablets is fairly cookie-cutter in spec, so it's nice to see that a new platform is coming along to mix things up.

This doesn't just bring good news for tablets, either - Intel is planning to support phones as well. Otellini said that he would be "disappointed if we didn't see Intel-based phones for sale 12 months from now." He went on to say that "[they] are actively working with a large number of handset manufacturers and carriers around the world on Medfield-based designs."

So, what say you? Are you excited about Intel providing chips for Android devices?

Source: The Register