If you're like me, you use Evernote a lot. I never know where I'll be or what I'll be doing when I get an idea for a new post, a review, or any other random thought that I feel may be beneficial to my future (that last one doesn't happen too often). For this, I turn to Evernote for Android on a near-daily basis. Of course, it has always been lacking a lot of features that you find in the desktop and web variations of the software - until today.

Evernote has released a huge update to its Android app, adding a solid list of new features. While I realize that everyone loves lists, it's more fun to watch a video. So check that out first:


Now that you've watched the video (and probably forgotten half of what it said) I will give you the list for easy reference:

  • Mobile collaboration
  • Note sharing
  • Location tagging
  • PIN locking (Premium Only)
  • Notebook stacks
  • New browsing view: Snippets
  • Improved editor
  • Improved interface
  • ... And more

A few screenshots, as an added bonus:

ss-0-320-480-160-2-43193b5c6a7ab9c89bb6071e677a1236b1491da8 ss-2-320-480-160-1-db77f3b9ac454eed6002c1e2cc93643c5da58d49 ss-3-320-480-160-0-40ad58fed391f990f2602fdf06b6054590a13d12

Evernote is free in the Android Market, so grab it while it's hot.

Price: Free+

Source: Android Market