Game development company Playbox has decided to jump into the world of Android gaming, given the power and presence of NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor and its popularity in Android devices. The first of many games on the list to make its way to Tegra phones and tablets is Bang Bang Racing, which is currently available on both Playstation 3 and XBOX 360.

Bang Bang Racing looks like a super-awesome (and tiny) way to burn up the track, thanks to the dynamic environments and sharp graphics. It utilizes NVIDIA's PhysX technology to provide such a rich experience - just take a look:

The game will be available in the Market to Tegra-powered devices and showcased in NVIDIA's Tegra Zone app. There is no word on the release date just yet, but it should be "coming soon."

BBR Race_1 BBR Race_2

Liverpool, England, 18th, April 2011 ­– Playbox today announced its expansion into the Android market with a new team focused on developing games for NVIDIA® TegraTM-powered super phones and tablets. The company also announced a Tegra-optimized version of their PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 hit title, Bang Bang Racing, under license from Digital Reality.

Since being founded in 2005, Liverpool-based Playbox has been focused on producing traditional console and handheld titles. Most recently it finished development of Bang Bang Racing for Digital Reality. Now Playbox is bringing its expertise and creativity to the Android space, focusing on games for Tegra-powered devices, such as Bang Bang Racing.

Bang Bang Racing is a fun, action-packed racing game that has cool visuals and pumped-up sports cars. But underneath its playful exterior, Bang Bang Racing has the pumping heart of a true racing game. The Tegra-optimized version offers a home console racing experience designed and optimized for Tegra-powered devices, and utilizes NVIDIA PhysX technology. Real-time dynamic physics allow for finesse and control - drifting through corners and clipping every apex delivers huge player satisfaction. The game also features a unique control system allowing consumers to simply point where they want the car to go, as if they’re drawing a racing line for the car to follow.

Bang Bang Racing will soon be available on Tegra Zone, a free app on the Android Market that provides a one-stop destination for the richest games for Tegra-powered super phones or tablets.

Gary Nichols, Managing Director of Playbox, commented, “Having seen the huge surge in Android devices, and after our early talks with NVIDIA about Tegra, we knew this was a market about to explode. As a result, we realigned our studio to be one of the first companies to go to market with a Tegra-powered game title. Recent announcements from the likes of LG, Motorola and Samsung indicate that the tablet market is only going to keep growing, and it’s important for us to be one of the early adopters.”

Mike Clarke, Technical Director of Playbox, added, “When we first started working on our technology, not many companies really understood what Tegra is or how it will change the market. But at my recent mobile gaming session at the Game Developers’ Conference (GDC), I was amazed at the interest that Tegra received, and it’s clear more developers are looking into Android and Tegra.”

Ashu Rege, Vice President of Content and Technology at NVIDIA, added: “Our top priority is bringing the best console-quality games and content to Android devices. Playbox brings a wealth of creativity and experience to game development, and they’ve brought a PlayStation 3-quality title to Tegra-powered super phones and tablets in record time.”

Playbox is currently working on a number of exciting new titles for Tegra and is actively looking for new partners to work with to develop new IP and to bring existing IP to the Tegra platform.

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