We first showed you HTC's 3.0 version of Sense UI earlier this week, and the next logical question from a lot of people was "when am I getting this?" Well, one man went straight to HTC via Twitter with that same question in mind and the response he got back was not exactly what anyone had hoped to hear: never.


Before you get too upset, a little clarification is in order. Initially, it was thought that only the devices mentioned in the above Tweet would end up with the new UI, leaving behind the newly released Thunderbolt, Inspire, and the yet-to-arrive Incredible 2. Once the news started hitting the blogosphere this morning, though, HTC was quick to send out a Tweet to clear up (some of) the confusion:

Tweet 2

Of course, that is all the information that has been given, so we're still not really sure what devices will be affected, or what aspects of the new Sense may end up making its way to older hardware.

Source: Twitter 1, 2 via Droid Life