Over the weekend, we posted about a pant-crappingly stupid (and biased) survey posted by Silicon Alley Insider called "WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER BUY AN ANDROID PHONE? Take Our Smartphone Survey And Tell Us!" A few dozen of you posted in the comments to criticize just how biased SAI was with the survey, and a large number of you followed through to take it.

It looks like they may have realized the faux pas - to an extent, anyway - as they closed that one down (without tabulating the results) and reopened a new one. On the upside, the new survey has a new title: "OUR SMARTPHONE SURVEY: Please Take It!" On the downside, it's still biased towards the iPhone, with questions like this (which is asked no matter what you've selected earlier, and doesn't replicate for other devices):


Pictured: a perfectly unbiased survey. For science!

And on the... well, no particular side... it looks like they've wizened up a bit:


I'm counting the fact that they added this question as a personal victory.

I'll just leave this here. You know what to do. Again.

[Source: Silicon Alley Insider]