If you're a designer, architect, or construction contractor (or know someone who is) then there's a good chance that you've heard of AutoCAD. For those that haven't - AutoCAD is software made for 2D/3D design and drafting - and now it's coming to Android. There has been a version available for iOS under the name AutoCAD WS for some time now, and with the increasing number of requests for an Android version, AutoDesk decided that it was time to oblige.

The mobile versions of the AutoCAD software is not meant for exclusive use, though - it's more of a  "lite" version. You will be able to open CAD files, make basic edits, and send the changes back to the original file.

One of the big things that AutoDesk incorporated into the Android version of AutoCAD was tablet support, which wasn't an easy task according to SVP Amar Hanspal. "We've had to test it across something like 15 different devices and tweak it a little to run on then all" he said, noting that they had hoped to get it out the door sooner, but "the complicated part of developing for Android is not developing itself. It's the testing."

AutoDesk is expected to make the official announcement today and the app should hit the Market (for Android 2.2+ devices only) on April 20th for the low price of free.

Source: All Things D