If you've been watching the Eee Pad Transformer promo video and salivating over that awesome keyboard dock with 2 USB 2.0 ports, an SD card reader, and a secondary battery that doubles the tablet's battery life, what you're about to read may serve as a splash of cold water in your face.

While we knew that the keyboard dock was optional (but only if you paid really close attention, because based on the videos and the tablet's name, it wasn't the most obvious fact), an East Coast retailer PC Richard & Son just spilled the beans on the pricing of said accessory - it'll cost you $150.

If you've never head of PC Richard & Son, you're not alone - today was the first time I've heard of them too, but the retailer is legitimate, with 8 5-star ratings at ResellerRatings, 65 superstores, and apparently 100+ years in the business.

If Best Buy's $400 price point for the 16GB version that leaked the other day is to be trusted, you're looking at $550 + tax for the full Transformer experience, which lands $50 under the 32GB XOOM Wi-Fi and right in between the 16GB and 32GB iPad 2, while bearing one of the most useful accessories we've seen in a long time.

If you ask me, this Tegra 2 tab/keyboard combo is definitely the one to get if you're thinking of picking up a Honeycomb tablet in the next few months.

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