It didn't take long for Google CEO Larry Page to start making drastic changes to the way the company does business once he got in the saddle earlier this week. As of today, he reportedly promoted seven of the top executives in the company, including Android's own Andy Rubin. It has been suggested that Page is making these changes in order to streamline the company's decision making process, something that he feels has slowed dramatically over the years.

In an effort to return the company to a startup mindset, Rubin, along with the other six newly promoted execs, will now report directly to Page. It's rumored that they will even work together in the same space on a daily basis in order to promote clear communication, which seems to be one of Page's overall goals for the company.

It's still unknown what effect, if any, this will have on Android, but if I had to guess, I would say that nothing but good can come of it.

Source: WSJ