Notion Ink is one of the most controversial companies in recent Android history - it's gone through product delays, building up one of the most passionate communities around, followed by communication issues that you could write a suspenseful thriller about (I am fairly sure there is enough for a trilogy with twists at the end of every chapter), and some of the weirdest reasons for shipments delays we've ever seen.

So far, the only communication methods available were commenting on the official blog, where your thoughts were quickly drowned in a sea of others', and emailing customer support, which probably resulted in more frustration and rage than trying to have a meaningful conversation with a concrete wall (those walls just don't get it, do they?). Those who tried know what I am talking about - we've heard you loud and clear over the past few months.

As of today, to bring users and company reps closer together, Notion Ink opened up a public forum with sections ranging from news to Adam discussions, apps, wallpapers, and development.

One notable omission? A Bug Reports/Problems section. You may want to sneak that one in quietly, NI, because I have a feeling it'll get quite popular.

Head over to the forums, which Notion Ink called The Conclave by following this link.