WARNING: This fix is for rooted 3G XOOMs only. The Wi-Fi only version is not supported (yet).

Most XOOM owners will tell you that they love their tablet, but that it does have its annoyances - like the fact that the stock browser loads pages in their "mobile" view by default. What good is a 10 inch screen if you can't load the desktop version of a website? Of course, there is the about:debug fix, but that can be tedious, since you have to reapply it every single time you restart.

Thankfully, sangreal06 over the XDA forums has created a hacked framework-res.apk that not only fixes that little annoyance, but also adds some other desired features to the XOOM. Once applied, you will be able to send and receive SMS messages (fees apply), kind of make voice calls, and have the nifty CRT off animation that everyone loves (but it only works in portrait mode).

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There are some quirks, however. For instance, the microphone and speakers do not work for voice calls, so this is more of a proof-of-concept and and less an actual function as of right now.

So, if you're feeling froggy, head on over to the XDA support thread, give it a go, and let us know your results.

Source: XDA via Droid Life